Tuesday, October 25, 2005

And so it begins.

As my loyal readers probably recall from my previous post on the matter, my friend Catherine and I decided we wanted to learn to knit (prior to my departing the US) since us ladies-of-leisure need hobbies such as knitting to fit into the ladies-of-leisure clique. So we went straight to the Knit Master. The Mr. Miyagi of knitting, if you will. Otherwise know as Catherine's mum. After our lesson, it was clear that Cat was jealous of my mad knitting skills as I had also become teacher's pet, despite her DNA connection to the KM (Knit Master). I recently sent the KM a note of thanks (as proper ladies always should) which stated that I felt as though my potential would have been better realized had Cat not held me back at the lesson by being rather daft about the whole knitting process. It took her forever to even cast on her first row. Lame. Meanwhile, I had created a lovely begining to my scarf. Jealous much? Anyway, Catherine has since challenged me to an International Knit Off. I accepted. Thus begins the website she created to provide interested parties (undoubtedly, there will be legions of them) with everything they need to know about said Knit Off. Here it is: The Knit Whits


cfk said...

And by legions you mean like 2?

Heather said...

Actually, according to StatCounter - more like 3 ;-)