Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Life's great dilemmas

Ummmmm, so where do people who live in city apartments put all their stuff?!?!? I've gotten roughly 1/16th of my fall/winter wardrobe into my closet here and I'm officially out of space. And that's not even counting my pajamas! I'm cursing myself for all that pre-move shopping I did.

So what does a normal person who's run out of closet space do? Perhaps part with some lesser-used items? (As if. I already sold everything I didn't want at our pre-move yard sale.) Maybe abandon proper hanging and folding methods and start cramming stuff in? (Hardly. Cashmere wrinkles and leather creases.) Who knows...

What did I do, you ask? I went down the street for McDonald's lunch to eat away my woes and spotted a street market. "I'll just pop across the street and walk back to the flat on that side so I can check it out.", I say to myself. "What's this?!? A black peasant skirt for 3 pounds?!?!? That's too good to pass up..."

Long story long, I am back at the flat 5 minutes later with yet another article of clothing to add to the pile of stuff that already won't fit in the closet. Genius. But that skirt is fabulous. It goes perfectly with my cowboy boots for that western chic look that's in right now. Keep an eye out for me on Glamour's "Do's and Dont's" page. As a "do", of course...

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