Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My niche

So I think I've found my daily cup of comfort. Upon purchasing a TV guide-thingy, I discovered that at 7:30 every morning, Friends, followed by Just Shoot Me, Will & Grace and Fraiser are on BBC 4. So has begun my morning routine - get up as Jason's leaving, preheat the oven, make a cup of coffee, and prepare my cinnamon toast. While it's baking, I then get out of my jammies and into actual clothes (else the jammies will never come off until I leave the flat) and by the time I've changed and brushed my hair - breakfast is ready and I settle in front of the telly for my morning programming! I can't believe how comforting this little routine is - and how warm and fuzzy American sitcoms make me feel. It's a good thing.

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