Saturday, October 08, 2005

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Well, I had some issues leaving our babies. (They're called "cats" by the majority of the rest of the population) Particularly Elwin just because he's so kitten-ish and he kept jumping into my bag as I was trying to pack the night before we left. I like to think George is a bit stronger and will look after him until February when they make the long haul across the pond...

All our stuff has cleared customs and will be delivered on Monday morning thank God! It will be nice to actually be able to hang up our clothes!

We went out for our first big city shopping experience today. Household basics like geting a trash can, iron, coffee maker, etc... are quite an ordeal. But we did finally get it all back to our flat so we're slowly getting everything set up. I'll post pics of the flat once all our stuff gets here and I've had a chance to hang pictures and things so stay tuned! It'll be a nice chuckle for all you guys back in NC with your nice big 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom houses! Although, I must say, our 'hood is rather happening. We're in a fabulous location. Out our huge (floor to ceiling for 2 stories) living room window, I look across the street to a hair salon, a very chi-chi dress shop, another very chi-chi purse shop, a dry cleaner, and a nice bar. And we live essentially above a grocery store and a Blockbuster. I could literally walk down there in my jammies if I was so inclined... That's a bit surreal! Quite a change from the North Raleigh lifestyle!

Well, we're headed to Paris next weekend for our anniversary so check back for those pics as well. We miss everyone so drop us a line or call!

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