Friday, November 04, 2005

"Reading is fun. Can we start the story now?"

Before I left the states, my sister-in-law, Jenny, passed one of her books on to me to read. It's called Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress. I've just started it recently and I must say, it is one of the most hysterical things I've ever read! It's not they typical type of book I read - fiction chick lit like Jane Green and Sophie Kinsella, and some more Oprah Book Club-ish stuff like Maeve Binchy and Anita Shreve - mostly in that it isn't fiction, but I have caught myself laughing out loud several times already. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!


cfk said...

Who needs Oprah's Book Club when I have you? Going to get book ASAP.

Melissa said...

Hello to you, too! I enjoy reading about your far away adventures. :) I also noticed your photographs. You have a good eye for photography-hope the class goes well! I am also hoping a good class starts around here, preferably a digital photography class.

Yes, we are expecting again! We are very excited! I'm about 10 weeks along, and it is already totally different than with Ethan!

Hope your homesickness is subsiding, and thanks for sharing my viewpoint on thank you notes! It really makes me so mad when people don't take the time to do them!