Monday, November 14, 2005

Working out is super fun!

I joined a gym on Friday and today was my first session with "James". Personal trainer James. Personal trainer James looks like Freddie Prinze Jr. except with lighter hair. And he says "bum" quite a lot. As in "Now lift your bum up just a bit there" or "You should really feel this in your bum". Why didn't I join the gym sooner?


fior Joke! said...

Hello Heather! I found your blog via the nest. I live in Amsterdam! And I am joining a gym too this week - I figure its time to splurge on that cost - plus it might be a good way to meet people.

Keep your chin up, you will find constructive ways to deal with the homesickness!

Heather said...

Thanks ;-) I'm sure it'll get better as time goes on and I adjust to the new environment. I've also just joined the American Women's Club so between that, the gym, and volunteering, I'll hopefully meet lots of new people.