Friday, December 16, 2005

Goodbye London morning routine!

Or shall I just say "till we meet again..." Today, Jason and I head back to Raleigh for 5 weeks for the holly-days. So I'll shelve my morning routine until I return. I'll miss you cinnamon toast! Au revoir morning chats with my Euro-gals. See ya later Starb... Right. Who are we really kidding here? I'll still have my coffee every morning.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ice skating at Kew Gardens

Tonight, Jason and I went ice skating in Kew Gardens. Bear in mind that I have never once in my life strapped on skates and set foot on frozen water. Never. Yet, there I was paying good money to partake in such activity. The second my skate touched ice, I was petrified. Literally scared stiff. Possibly because I have had less than desireable experiences with ice in the past which resulted in a totalled car and several staples in my scalp. However, I did ok once I got going. I clung to Jason the whole time and started out by letting him just pull me around. By the time we left, I was actually starting to get the hang of it. And I didn't fall once! Here are a few pics.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's t-shirt Thursday again!

So last week, I invented "T-shirt Thursday". It didn't occur to me at the time to make it a regular feature but there are just too many funny t-shirts out there not to share them.

Barbies are slutty

A few people have asked me where I came up with the title for my blog - Life in a Nutshell. Honestly, it's a reference to a Barenaked Ladies song. They were one of my favorite bands in my college/post-college years. Actually, I do still like them quite a lot but I guess their heyday was mid-late 90's. We've been to see them in concert countless times and own all their cd's. It's a kind of nostalgia for me. I have some seriously good memories that relate back to BNL songs and shows. Many of you also know that one of our 2 cats is named after a BNL reference. Elwin - it comes from one of the live hidden tracks on Rock Spectacle. Anyway... Jason once put this one on a mix tape (that's right folks - I said TAPE) he made for me many many moons ago. Here are the lyrics:

When she was three
Her Barbies always did it on the first date
Now she's with me,
There's never any need for them to demonstrate

She's like a baby, I'm like a cat;
When we are happy, we both get fat and still
It's never enough, It's never enough,
It's never enough

But I don't tend to worry 'bout the things that other people say
And I'm learning that I wouldn't want it any other way
Call me crazy but it really doesn't matter
All that matters to me is she

Her life in a nutshell
No way would she want it to change me
It's not that easy 'cause
My time is often decided for me
For me

She memorized every pencil crayon color in the box
Her blue-green eyes complement the burnt sienna in her locks
She's at the movies, I'm on the phone;
When we're separated, we're never alone, but still
It's never enough, It's never enough,
No it's never enough

Her life in a nutshell
No way would she want it to change me
It's not that easy 'cause
My time is often decided for me
For me

I fell down with no one there to catch me from falling
Then she came 'round
And only her tenderness stopped me from bawling my eyes out
I'm OK, and that's why

Her life in a nutshell
No way would she want it to change me
It's not that easy 'cause
My time is often decided for me
For me

Monday, December 12, 2005

The explosion in Hemel Hempstead and our trip to Whipsnade Park

On Sunday, we journeyed out of the city to visit Whipsnade Animal Park with Charlotte & Brian and Monique & Murray. It just so happened that on this very day, there was a HUGE fuel plant explosion in Hemel Hempstead which is exactly where we were going. This photo is of the black smoke cloud in the distance and of all the cars qeueing up for petrol since they didn't know if there would be a shortage or if the prices would rocket. It was kind of mayhem! Anyway, we eventually got to the park and had a great time! Here are the pics.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

"The true meaning of Christmas" or "Baby Jesus may have been a rapper"

So, for a glimpse into my life, here's the jist of our dinner conversation last night...

Jason: So, what are we going to do about Christmas gifts to each other this year? Buy them here and exchange before we leave or after we get back? Or just do it in Raleigh?
Me: I think we should just do it in Raleigh. Everything's less expensive there anyway. We'll just have to know to get each other small-ish and lightweight stuff, nothing big that will be hard to carry back.
Jason: Nice. How convenient for you. I wonder what sorts of things you might be referring to?
Me: Well, let me think... You know, jewelry is small.
Jason: You know what's nice about Christmas? It's a nice family holiday. Not a romantic holiday. So there's no pressure to buy fancy things like jewelry.
Me: Yeah, well, that would make jewelry all the better a choice - unexpected!
Jason: You wanna know what angle I would have taken there? I would have said something about one of the three wisemen gifts being gold.
Me: Yeah, well I don't want gold. Anyway, I hardly think the three wisemen brought Jesus gold chains like bling bling.
Jason: What, you think they just brought him a big honkin' brick of gold? "Here you go kid!"
Me: Well, I think that's more plausible than P.Diddy-ish accessories.

A minute or so of silence while we both chew and gaze at the Christmas tree for a minute. Then...

Me: Great. Now I have this image of Baby Jesus laying in the manger decked out in a track suit and a big gold chain with a huge "J" pendant on it. His rapper name could be Baby J!

End scene.

There you have it. These are the type of conversations we regularly have. Now you all know why I like him so much.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

That's right kids! It's "T-shirt Thursday"!

Okay, so there's really no such thing as "T-shirt Thursday". But I saw this one and thought it was really really ridiculously funny. So here you go. Can I get a what-what?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm dreaming of a white (trash) christmas

It's the tackiest little tree that ever was. But I love it. We are coming home in 9 days so we only have a short time to enjoy it but it just didn't feel like "the season" without a tree. And how lame am I? I couldn't stand the look of a "bare" tree around the bottom so I went out and bought wrapping paper and wrapped up a few empty boxes to put under there. Oh my God. Now that I've seen it in print, I really can't believe I did that.

Monday, December 05, 2005

My first British Sunday Roast

Yesterday, we had yet another "American Girls in UK" get-together. We went to a British pub and had traditional Sunday roast. It was YUMMY! Yorkshire pudding is super good. It's not pudding like we think of it in the states - it's like a pastry thingy. Highly recommended.

Then we all took a field trip to the American candy store. They have so much awesome stuff there that you can't get anywhere else here! I bought six DIET MOUNTAIN DEWS! Oh my lawd - I'm in heaven! They cost me an arm and a leg - and possibly my first born child, I don't know... I stopped listening when I saw the beautiful shiny green can. Prrrrreeeettttyyyyyyy. Seriously, over a pound per can and that's like $2. PER CAN. Not to mention the Reece's Pieces, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, War Heads, Peanut Butter Twix, Pixy Stix. Not to mention the fact that my wonderful Aunt Sandy sent me 2 packs of Peeps which arrived last Friday! Ok. Gotta go. Sugar coma setting in.

Lunch Pics

Thanksgiving, Part Deux

So, this past weekend, we had our second Thanksgiving courtesy of my new friend Charlotte and her husband Brian. It was a get-together of several American girls in the UK and their husbands. It was amazing! The food was delicious and there was even a proper Green Bean Casserole and pumpkin pies... And lots of wine. Lots. You can see the effects of said wine in the pictures - mostly in the late-night karaoke session at Lucky Voice. It was great fun though!

Thanksgiving Dinner and Karaoke Pics

Friday, December 02, 2005

I don't normally post twice in one day but...

I could NOT resist this. Those who've known me a long time know that I had quite a passion for Pez dispensers in high school/college. I still collect them, just not as fervently as I used to. Then, today, I saw this. Swarovski crystal Pez dispensers!!! Wow. My passion has been rekindled! I want, I need, I have to have one!

This ain't a fashion show people, but come ON.....

What is it with people at the gym? There's a percentage at every gym I've even been to that just don't know how to dress to work out. They usually fall into two distinct groups: those who overdo it and those who don't do it at all. I'll 'splain. Yesterday, there were no less that 3 guys who walked in wearing woolie hats. Who, WHO, I ask you, wears a winter hat to work out??? This isn't an Abercrombie and Fitch photoshoot! Then, of course, there are the girls who show up in more makeup than I wore on my flipping wedding day. As for the other category, I've seen a couple of guys wearing the strangest things... Like, black dress socks, chino shorts, and a golf shirt. WHAT THE HEY?!? Did you not know you were going to the gym? Did you just walk by and think, "Hey, I think I'll go in there and hit the treadmill!" Then again, if you're wearing black dress socks with chino shorts on the street, you've got bigger problems than what to wear at the gym. I feel like ringing up Trinny and Susannah and having them stake-out the joint, randomly accosting people who dare to show up in these atrocities.

Open note to members of David Lloyd at Fulham Broadway:

Please have consideration for others when chosing your active wear. Let's all try to stick to the basics, shall we? Adidas trainers, alma-mater tees, grey hoodies... There truly is a plethora of acceptable alternatives out there. Get thee to a Foot Locker and stock up! And ladies, I, nay WE, beg of you to unhand your blush brushes and sparkle eye shadow and (here's a novelty) actually wash your face free of makeup prior to hitting the spinning class. It's never pretty when your eye makeup ends up sweating itself down to your cheeks anyway.

Sartorially Yours,
Sporty Spice