Friday, December 16, 2005

Goodbye London morning routine!

Or shall I just say "till we meet again..." Today, Jason and I head back to Raleigh for 5 weeks for the holly-days. So I'll shelve my morning routine until I return. I'll miss you cinnamon toast! Au revoir morning chats with my Euro-gals. See ya later Starb... Right. Who are we really kidding here? I'll still have my coffee every morning.


andrea said...

Hi Heather! I am so excited to have come across your blog and read your adventures from the South to London...I too am moving from the South (Atlanta) to London in May or June, and would love to hear some of your experiences!

Kim said...

Hope you have a great Christmas and New Years! And this bitch will send you a card later!

Holly Griffin said...

Hi Heather-
Glad you are in Raleigh for a bit. It is good seeing you again!