Friday, December 02, 2005

This ain't a fashion show people, but come ON.....

What is it with people at the gym? There's a percentage at every gym I've even been to that just don't know how to dress to work out. They usually fall into two distinct groups: those who overdo it and those who don't do it at all. I'll 'splain. Yesterday, there were no less that 3 guys who walked in wearing woolie hats. Who, WHO, I ask you, wears a winter hat to work out??? This isn't an Abercrombie and Fitch photoshoot! Then, of course, there are the girls who show up in more makeup than I wore on my flipping wedding day. As for the other category, I've seen a couple of guys wearing the strangest things... Like, black dress socks, chino shorts, and a golf shirt. WHAT THE HEY?!? Did you not know you were going to the gym? Did you just walk by and think, "Hey, I think I'll go in there and hit the treadmill!" Then again, if you're wearing black dress socks with chino shorts on the street, you've got bigger problems than what to wear at the gym. I feel like ringing up Trinny and Susannah and having them stake-out the joint, randomly accosting people who dare to show up in these atrocities.

Open note to members of David Lloyd at Fulham Broadway:

Please have consideration for others when chosing your active wear. Let's all try to stick to the basics, shall we? Adidas trainers, alma-mater tees, grey hoodies... There truly is a plethora of acceptable alternatives out there. Get thee to a Foot Locker and stock up! And ladies, I, nay WE, beg of you to unhand your blush brushes and sparkle eye shadow and (here's a novelty) actually wash your face free of makeup prior to hitting the spinning class. It's never pretty when your eye makeup ends up sweating itself down to your cheeks anyway.

Sartorially Yours,
Sporty Spice

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cfk said...

Please do post a picture of you in your workout wear. I'm dying to see what Miss Sporty Spice wears during her butt jiggling activities.