Thursday, December 08, 2005

"The true meaning of Christmas" or "Baby Jesus may have been a rapper"

So, for a glimpse into my life, here's the jist of our dinner conversation last night...

Jason: So, what are we going to do about Christmas gifts to each other this year? Buy them here and exchange before we leave or after we get back? Or just do it in Raleigh?
Me: I think we should just do it in Raleigh. Everything's less expensive there anyway. We'll just have to know to get each other small-ish and lightweight stuff, nothing big that will be hard to carry back.
Jason: Nice. How convenient for you. I wonder what sorts of things you might be referring to?
Me: Well, let me think... You know, jewelry is small.
Jason: You know what's nice about Christmas? It's a nice family holiday. Not a romantic holiday. So there's no pressure to buy fancy things like jewelry.
Me: Yeah, well, that would make jewelry all the better a choice - unexpected!
Jason: You wanna know what angle I would have taken there? I would have said something about one of the three wisemen gifts being gold.
Me: Yeah, well I don't want gold. Anyway, I hardly think the three wisemen brought Jesus gold chains like bling bling.
Jason: What, you think they just brought him a big honkin' brick of gold? "Here you go kid!"
Me: Well, I think that's more plausible than P.Diddy-ish accessories.

A minute or so of silence while we both chew and gaze at the Christmas tree for a minute. Then...

Me: Great. Now I have this image of Baby Jesus laying in the manger decked out in a track suit and a big gold chain with a huge "J" pendant on it. His rapper name could be Baby J!

End scene.

There you have it. These are the type of conversations we regularly have. Now you all know why I like him so much.


cfk said...

A Swarovski crystal pez dispenser is a lovely gift and quite portable. It's such an obvious choice, though, Jason probably already thought of it.

Riana said...

LOL, you crazy kids!