Friday, January 27, 2006

Christmas catch-up

Ok, I know everyone's moved on from Christmas by now but since I was too busy living my life to stop and write about it, I'm going to post all our pictures from Christmas now. In January. Late January. And no one can stop me. So there.

Christmas with Heather's family

Christmas with Jason's mom and stepdad

Christmas with Jason's dad

We really did have a great Christmas this year. It makes you appreciate family and friends even more when you live across the ocean. And to top it all off, for all the joking about jewelry I did, I ended up getting some. Jason got me this b-e-a-utiful amethyst (my birthstone) and diamond ring. He's an excellent jewelry picker-outer. I'm a lucky gal indeed.

Next up - New Year's Eve! Stay tuned...

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