Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm too tired to think of a title

So, we're back in London. I have LOTS to catch up on blog-wise. I want to post lotsa pics from Christmas and New Years (Be afraid Catherine. Be very afraid.) and all the other stuff we did. I just don't quite have the energy at the moment. I made a big big mistake last night. I was doing so well getting my clock back on London time, went to bed by midnight Monday night and got up at 7:30 yesterday. And I only took a 30 minute nap yesterday. Then, last night I couldn't get to sleep so I read and read and read. And when I couldn't read anymore, I decided to haul the laptop, Bose headset, and my DVD's into the bedroom and set up camp. I proceeded to watch 3 episodes of Felicity (my 2nd favorite TV show of all time) and literally forced myself to quit at 4:00 am. Therefore, I couldn't wake up when Jason was leaving this morning and he let me sleep. Which I did. Until 1:42 pm. That's right folks. I rolled out of bed in a confused daze at almost 2:00 pm. Well, tonight should be interesting. I'm going to have to chase 6 Tylenol Simply Sleep with a couple of glasses of vino to even get into pj's. Wish me luck. I'll get on with the updating process tomorrow. Assuming I don't sleep till 3:00. Toodles.

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