Sunday, February 05, 2006

A banner week coming up!

Well, I'm finally on the uphill swing. I have been sooooooo sick since last Tuesday night and today was the first day that I've felt better. I actually felt well enough to leave the flat, which I hadn't done since last Monday. We went to Argos and got ourselves a "cat loo". Well, not ourselves really. Moreso for our cats who will be flying over to join us this week! I'm insanely excited. Our little family, back together again. We also got them a little scratching post and some very posh faux-mink beds. They're worth it though, don't you agree?

Also, I have a little getaway to look forward to. Jason is taking me to Bath (in the English countryside) for my birfday - which isn't till next Monday but we're leaving this Saturday and staying through Monday. Bath is supposed to be beautiful and we're booked at the most gorgeous hotel. I'm glad we're doing this. My birthday is going to be really weird this year, not being at home around my old friends and everything. But, even once the trip is over, I'll still have something else exciting happening - my friend Melanie is coming to visit. Whoop whoop! I've alerted the authorities already.

Wanted: For making fake Carolina Panthers jerseys. "Mom, can you pleath stharpen my color penthils for sthool tomorrow? And make thure my fake Panthers jerthey ith clean? Thanths!"


Melissa said...

Happy early birthday! Mine is next week, too! (Friday) So I know how old you're gonna be!!

Meredith said...

Hi Heather!

Tomorrow while I'm avoiding doing some work I'll go through my ipod and get some more songs for you. I think I have the greatest taste in music but apparently the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar isn't as cool as I thought...

The knot is the absolutely stupidest website I can possibly think of. I can't believe I was on it when I was wedding planning.. actually all I did was cause hell (if you do a search for mengel you can see some of the funny stuff from the past that might still be up there.. I was so hated that some Baltimore idiots from the knot actually came to my wedding.. )

I recently discovered how obnoxious the nest is. I do like the home board for some ideas but the other day I went onto the health/fitness one and those chicas must have been an accidental baby. No way could any normal people produce turds and snobs like those.. they make me thank whoever created birth control every day.. well that and crying asian babies in CVS who's dad let them crawl around while he talked to a pharmacist

Melanie said...

Pictures are really worth a thousand words miss thang...hope you are getting pumped for my arrival. I know I am getting so freaking excited!!! Holler Londizzle!!!

Holly Griffin said...

Everyone be afraid, be very afraid. These two together could be serious trouble!!!
Hope you two hvae a blast!! Take muchos photos Mel and bring them back to S&R!!
Be safe!

Chuck said...

Happy early birthday Head! Bath was very beautiful. I don't think you will be disappointed at all. The old Roman bath built over the hot springs is very cool. Do you and Jason have flat insurance that covers Melanies spending a week there? You may want to look into that... just a thought.