Monday, February 27, 2006

File under: Only been in London for a few months and already rode in a police van and got taken "downtown"

Well, it's not what you may be thinking right now but it still happened! Long story short - a bunch of us were at this Irish bar in Central London on Friday night, having a grand time, being jolly, laughing, dancing, etc. All the sudden, this drunk belligerent dude tries to start something with one of the guys in our group (who, by the way, is one of the nicest, least likely to ever get in a bar brawl kind of guys I know) and hauls off and punches him. The bouncers are quick to come over and remove him, pin him down in an alley outside next to the bar, and tell us the police are on their way. (We find out later that the guy also punched one of the bar security guys. Smart.) The police arrive, ask us to come to the station to give a statement, and then load us up in the paddywagon! Fun! The officer even turned on the blue lights for us - just for added effect. While we were waiting to give our statements at the station, we asked one of the officers if we could take some pics with the hats and stuff since, with any luck, we'd never be in a London police station again. They were really nice and let us do it!

Here's the "having a grand time, being jolly, laughing, dancing" bit...

And at the station... Real evidence bags!

Hopefully, my first, last and only time wearing a Loncon police hat.

Stay tuned for pictures and stories of my friend Melanie's visit!

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Meredith said...

that is freaking the funniest thign ive ever seen....