Friday, February 24, 2006

I missed out on my chance to become a real live princess!

Today, Mel and I went to Windsor Palace, about 30 mins outside of London. When we arrived the "Union Jack" flag was flying which meant the Queen was not in residence at the time (She splits her time between Buckingham and Windsor - usually spending weekends at Windsor). We went in, toured the palace, and when we came out, the "Royal Standard" flag was flying, which meant she had arrived while we were in there! Well we thought THAT was cool. Little did we know...

As we were walking down the path to visit the chapel, one of the guards stopped us and asked if we recognized the people we had just walked past. We said no and he smiled and said that Sarah Ferguson and Princes William and Harry had just walked by and were on their way to visit the Queen. They were walking with two plain-clothes policemen so we didn't even notice them! Arrrggggghhhhhh! We strolled by about 3 feet away from them and didn't even know it. All my dreams of becoming a princess just vanished before my eyes.

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