Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mission Mraz Parts 2 and 3 complete

Mission 2: Get on the front row. Check.
Mission 3: Meet Jason. Check and check.

We did it. Our hard work and freezing our chops off paid off. We met Mr. A-Z last night. After a great show (which we saw from a particularly good vantage point as the photo below will illustrate), we hung out in the freezing cold in the hopes of a quick encounter with the object of our affection. Well worth it.

Another highlight of the evening was when Jason came over to the side of the stage where we were and was right in front of me and he bent down to read our sign that said "We came all the way from NC to see you Jason". And after he read it, his eyebrows shot up and he looked smack at me. I nearly keeled over. I'll post more pics of both shows later (after I have time to upload them onto Image Station) but couldn't resist sharing this right away.


Monique said...

I can't even tell you how jealous we are that you met Jason! What a great picture:)

Meredith said...

am i the only person woh has no idea who jason mraz and james blunt are?!!?!?

you're a riot :)

on a sidenote.. i thought that you might enjoy reading about my knitting fiasco that occurred the other night...

the is also a followup post the next day

hope your visit was fun with your friend melanie :)

my husband ian and i are finally going on our honeymoon so we'll be in your neck of the world (not your neck of the woods though :) ) .. we're going to italy for 17 days in april.. wahoo!