Friday, February 03, 2006

Philosophy of life

Well, I don't know why I think anyone cares about any of this but I decided that since I am virtually on my death bed (curses on whatever nasty virus has seeped its way into my bloodstream), I would make a list of all my beliefs that make me me. You know, for future generations to study when I die. Tomorrow.

I believe that microwave popcorn and ice cream is a balanced meal.
I believe that designer jeans are not a luxury, but a necessity.
I believe in shopping at H&M for the trendy stuff.
I believe that most all questions in life can be answered by an episode of Sex and the City.
I believe that Red Sox baseball is a religion, not a hobby.
I believe that Tyra Banks should be wacked about the head with a 2x4.
I believe in reading one book per month - and that half of them should be mindless chick-lit.
I believe in dancing to Gwen Stefani while housecleaning.
I believe in bi-weekly manicures and monthly pedicures.
I believe that a gift card is a good gift, not a cop-out.
I believe every girl should own one piece of jewelry from Tiffany.
I believe that live music is essential to one's mental health.
I believe in eating fast food once a week.
I believe that Reece Witherspoon and I are destined to be best friends.
I believe that cashmere is worth every penny.
I believe in listening to one new band/artist every week.
I believe that reality tv is god's gift to me.
I believe in printing the photos you take with your digital camera.
I believe that Clay Aiken was robbed by a no-talent chubby dude.
I believe that fake Burberry prints should be outlawed.
I believe that fruit is not dessert.


Melissa said...

lol...too funny. Yes, Tyra Banks disgusts me lately, although I do like Top Model! Have you seen her talk show? It sucks! She can not interview people at all. Not sure how it got renewed for another year??

Heather said...

I too love Top Model but she annoys the crap out of me! I hate how she says "fierce" all the time and adopts a "ghetto" accent at random. But her "talkshow" (I use the term loosely) is what sent me over the edge.