Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The trip to Bath

For my birthday weeekend, Jason took me on a trip to a beautiful little town in the English countryside called Bath. For anyone who doesn't know, it's called Bath because (long story short) the Romans settled there and discovered the natural hot springs and built temples around them. It was a really beautiful place. Everywhere we looked seemed like a postcard. We stayed at the gorgeous Dukes Hotel and did lots and lots of stuff - the Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths, had a pint at the oldest pub in Bath, the Jane Austen Center, had a famous Sally Lunn Bun at the oldest house in Bath, Bath this, Bath that, everywhere a Bath Bath... We also had some amazing dinners at the Cavendish (the Dukes Hotel's restaurant) and at the Moon and Sixpence. Anyhoo, we took lots of pics and they tell the story better than I do so here they are.

Trip to Bath - February 2006

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