Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiircle of Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife...... and "Awwww, you like Comet?"

My top favorite things that happened this weekend (in no specific order):
1. Yummy Thai food
2. American Idol top 12
3. Spontaneous evening at the opera to see the closing night of La Boheme
4. Yummy Italian food
5. Even more spontaneous afternoon at the theatre to see The Lion King

So Jason and I just got back from our day out and about London Town and it was fab-u-lous. We had a late lunch at a pub near Covent Garden and when we walked out, we saw a swarm of people outisde the Lyceum Theatre. Apparently, it was about a half hour before the matinee showing of The Lion King. So Jason says "You wanna see if they have any tickets available?" I thought he was kidding since we had just gone to the opera last night but sure enough, he walks right into the box office and we wind up with two seats pretty near the front! I can't remember the last time I felt like such a little wide-eyed kid. It was the most visually stunning show I have EVER seen. I had cold chills in the opening scene with all the animals. I was teary-eyed during "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?". I mean, I almost cried at a couple of lions falling in love for chrissakes. I wanted to stand up and cheer when Simba decided to go back to Pride Rock and "be King, Simba! Go home and be King!!!" (shout-out to Katie). It was absolutely wonderful. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Now, backtracking to Saturday night... We had no idea what we wanted to do this weekend. We were tossing about the idea of a little overnighter somewhere, or maybe just hanging around London... So, I go online and realize that La Boheme is on for its final night at Royal Albert Hall. I have always wanted to see this opera. Quel tragedy. So we book the tickets and then decide that we'll go tour the Royal Albert Hall too to get the full experience.

While we're on the tour, we get to see the Queen's box and discover that our box is just two over from the Queen's! Holy moly! Now, while we didn't expect the Queen to be there, we were pretty excited because we figure that means our seats are pretty freaking good. On another note, we also saw the Royal Retiring Room where the Queen and her guests hang out pre and post show and during the interval. More importantly, we went in the Queen's loo. Now, I don't mean we "went" in the Queen's loo. But how cool would that be? Still, cool enough that I was actually in there.

And our seats turned out to be, in fact, very very good. Here we are in our box. It was a really great production. Sung in English, which was interesting. An Italian opera, set in France, sung in English. Again, I got a little moist in the eye area during one of the final scenes with Mimi and Rodolpho. Beautiful.

Ok. I'm going to have to discuss his "photo face" with him. He looks mad.

We then found ourselves once again at Pulcinella, the Italian restaurant we went to the night of Guys and Dolls. Easily the best lasagne in London. Easily.

Friday, Friday Friday!

Ok, that was a total tease. Nothing much really happened on Friday night, except we had a great Thai meal. I'm so shy and demure. (Snort.)

Lastly, Sunday morning, I woke up and decided to watch the American Idol that we recorded on our Sky box Friday night. Now, we can't vote here and they show the whole week's activity in one night, so it's very different but I complain not. I can't tell you how happy I am that I even GET the show. I never would have guessed they'd show it here. Anyway, I am 100% behind Kellie Pickler. I think that girl is about the cutest thing since the pink iPod mini. And every week, she says something that makes me love her even more. Last week, it was "I had a spinach salad here in Hollywood. I thought that thang tasted 'bout like leaves off a bush." This week, her little video clip was about how she misses her dog Comet. Then, after her performance, Randy Jackson is telling her how much he liked her clip because he loves dogs too and she goes "Awwww, you like Comet?!" I love this girl. I wish so badly I coud vote for her. Also, loving this guy:

For obvious reasons. Yummy.


Mom said...

"The Lion King" sounded wonderful! Wish I could have seen it with you since it is probably one of probably one of my all time favorites! Glad you are having such a wonderful time. Love you and miss you both bunches!!

Heather said...

You would have loved it! If you ever get back to New York or over here to visit us, you HAVE to go see it. It was really amazing!!!

Mom said...

I just realized that I goofed in what I wrote and I even looked over it!!! Oh well, that's what being tired and in a hurry does to you! And I will hold you to seeing it when we come to see you guys.