Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I swear my cat isn't devil spawn. Really I do!

This morning I got out our fancy schmancy camera and the manual to play around with it and try to actually learn some of the features. Here are a couple of the resulting shots after Elwin got very interested in what I was doing.

I feel like I need to phone a priest or something to exorcise the demons from my otherwise cute cuddly kitten.


Later today, I walked into the living room and discovered this. Finally. Proof my cat really is cute.


Meredith said...

o0o what's your fancy schmancy new camera?

i love kitty booby heads..

i put my one cat on or something and those mother f'ers only have her at like..a 5.97 or something like that last time i checked

Heather said...

well, it isn't new. we got it just before we moved over here but i hadn't really explored it's potential. it's got something like 12x zoom which is pretty good apparently. i need a photography course...