Monday, March 06, 2006

What I did on my first-weekend-of-March-2006 vacation

I know you've all waited with bated breath to find out what crazy adventures I got into this weekend so without further delay....

Cheese! We went to Borough Market on Saturday morning and walked up just as this guy was cracking into a fresh wheel of parm. It was quite the procedure. Yes, we bought some.

Rugby! Then we saw this sign outside a pub. It cracked me up since it really captures "rugby". From now on, this is how I'm going to describe rugby to anyone who asks. People ask. Oh yes they do.

Art! Then, we decided to go to the Tate Modern Museum. Some modern art, I get. Jackson Pollock fascinates me. Dali scares me - in a good way. A lot of modern art, I don't get. There was one display of different chalk boards, some with sketches, etc. But one of them just had, literally, like four words written on it. I don't remember what the words were and I very much wish I had written them down because it really was just seemingly pointless words. I asked Jason if he ever felt that sometimes artists do stuff like this as a joke and think to themselves, "Oh my God - this will be so funny! I'll write the words cranberry, bowl, sock, and lung on a chalkboard, call it art and see if those idiots are stupid enough to coddle me, tell me it's brilliant, and actually hang it in one of the most respected galleries in the world!! Holy crap it worked! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!" The photo you see here is in this cool display of mountains and mountains of wax cubes. When I say cool, I mean cool mostly due to the sheer size of it. It was like a maze sort of.

Shop! We braved Camden Market today. Don't let this peaceful picture of the cute little boat and charming little bridge fool you. It was nuts. Loads of London punks and various unsavory folks milling about. In fact, at one point, we were walking along the street and passed a shop that sold pretty much anything you could ever want in black shiny leather and there was a dude standing outside the shop, wearing entirely too many accessories which sported metal spikes, singing along with the blaring devil music coming out of the shop, and right as I walked by him, the lyrics just happened to be "I am your demon". Imagine this sang in a very scary, throaty kind of voice and you can perhaps understand my skittishness. However, I very much enjoyed Camden and got myself a way-cooler-than-I-actually-am Ramones tee.

Beer! For Jason.

Tea! For me.


andrea said...

My favorite part of the Rugny description is the big man in tiny shorts. It makes me want to run out and watch it immediately!

Kim said...

Heather your were such a rebel going to the Camden Market, then you turn around and drink tea. Well etleast your balanced!