Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chop chop!

And I don't mean "hurry up". I mean I chop chopped my hair off. Duhn, duhn, duhnnnn! (That's my way of following up a startling revelation like in old soap operas.) I needed a change and I sure as hell got one. I'll post photos later. Check back... if you dare! (Said in an ominous voice.)

My heart overflows with joy

Grande Starbucks Iced Coffee with 4 packets of Splenda and a splash of skim milk - $2.27.
The euphoria induced by ordering your first iced coffee of the season and enjoying it outdoors - Priceless.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play...

Okay, well, maybe more like "Home, home in the North Raleigh Sub-division, where the dogs get walked on leashes and the cats sit in the front window"... I'm back in the dirty south, rollin' N-to-the-C style. It's 6:45 am and the birds are chirping and it will probably be about 80 degrees or so today. Hate me yet Londoners?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day Trip to Oxford

Saturday, Jason and I decided to take a trip to Oxford. It's such a nice little town to just stroll around in. Here are les photos: Oxford April 2006

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Those crazy kids...

Have you ever wondered what kind of shenanigans Jason and I get up on a Friday night at 1:00 am? No? Well, just in case some of you answered yes (weirdos), I'll show you. Yesterday, we bought ourselves a grill. (This information will be important later.) Last night, after returning from a 9:40 screening of An American Haunting with some friends of ours, we decided we couldn't go to bed right away. Mainly because we were scared out of our skin. So we began to watch American Idol and by the time that was over, we realized we were still too keyed up to sleep. I look away for like 3 seconds and when I turn around, Jason is climbing into the box that the grill came in.

I thought this looked like a lot of fun. So once he was out, I decided to try to fold my entire body into the box.

It worked!

I had a little trouble getting back out of the box.

Once I'd made it, I struck my Mary Katherine Gallagher "Superstaaaaaar" pose as a sign of victory. Over a box.

I wish I knew how to post videos because they are absolutely hilarious.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I. Love. London.

Today was so beautiful and we couldn't bear to spend even a moment indoors. We packed a picnic of cheese and crackers, grapes, chocolate, and wine and headed to St. James's Park. London is so beautiful this time of year (and for the next 5 to 6 months) and this is especially true in the plentiful greens around town. Share in my joy:

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In other news: Victoria's Secret is raping me on shipping.

I just spent about 45 minutes online at Victoria's shopping for things to be delivered to Raleigh since I'm going back there next week and ended up canceling my entire order purely out of spite and as a personal stance against trying to charge someone $11 to ship some unmentionables roughly 300 miles and having the gall to tell me this "standard shipping" method will ensure that the aforementioned unmentionables (Whoa. That made my head hurt writing it.) will arrive at my doorstep on APRIL 26. For those of you paying attention, I'm sure you've calculated that this is 15 DAYS AWAY. Well, screw you Victoria. I'm telling the world that your little Secret is that you excel in extorting ludicrous amounts of cash from your customers and, in return, providing them with the worst shipping service possible. Suck on THAT. In retaliation, I'm not going to order off your stupid website. I'm going to drive my butt to Crabtree Mall and shop IN PERSON. There. That'll show 'em.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Assignment: Name one interesting thing you saw today.

This morning as I was eating my breakfast of toast, scrambled egg whites, coffee, and OJ, I looked up and noticed loads of black smoke rolling by my window. Curiosity was sufficiently piqued. I looked out my window and saw a car on fire in the middle of the street. Not just a little bit of fire coming out from under the hood, but the entire front half of a car, engulfed in flames. Then firemen came and sprayed it down. The end. A+.

Friday, April 07, 2006


We've suspected for a while that George, the eldest of our two cats, is gay. I finally have some proof. Yesterday, I walked in and found this.

There he is, perusing the Spring Style issue of InStyle magazine. He informed me that tiered skirts are still in but more structured looks are making a comeback. As well, I can expect that the current "nautical look" will stick around for the duration of the summer. I've been instucted to purchase a pair of white plastic framed sunglasses in a classic shape and to hang on to my staw handbag from last year as it's a classic spring staple. Most importantly, he warned me to stay away from the pencil-leg jeans that are ever-prevalent right now becauase my hips are too big to pull that look off. (He need'nt have worried, trust me.) Also, he would like to know what the hell Sandy Bullock was thinking with that Oscars ballgown that had POCKETS.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Time Heals Most Wounds

A while back, right after we had moved here and I was feeling very homesick, I made a list of the things I missed about home. At this point, now that I'm over my homesickness and am loving being here, I thought it might be nice to re-visit this topic - in a new way.

Top 10 Things I Still Miss About Home:
(not necessarily in this order)
1. Driving
2. Char-Grill hot dogs
3. Sweet iced tea
4. Our house
5. Cameron Village and Crabtree Mall and other local shopping
6. Ellen Degeneres Show
7. Being able to hop in a car and drive two hours to visit family
8. Light Beer
9. Lazy football weekends
10. My girlfriends

Top 10 Things I'm Going To Miss About London After We Leave:
(not necessarily in this order)
1. Not driving
2. One of our fave restaurants here - 1492 Latin Fusion
3. Proper British tea in a pub
4. Having a small flat with only one bathroom to clean
5. Portobello Road and Camden Markets
6. The original "What Not to Wear"
7. Being able to hop on a train and be in another country in two hours
8. Strongbow Cider
9. Touristy sight-seeing weekends
10. My girlfriends

See what I did there with the corresponding numbers? You are in awe of my cleverness, no?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"I think you are probably small size, right?"

Only in my world could the simple act of ordering a pizza turn into a weird scene. I just called Dominoes and asked for a medium pepperoni pizza and the guy (in an Indian accent) says:
"Would you like a tomato and cheese pepperoni or a 'Pepperoni Party'?"
Me: "Ummm, I think I just want a regular pepperoni pizza." (Although I must admit that I am intrigued by this Pepperoni Party of which he speaks.)
Guy: "Well, you sound like such a lovely lady that I also would like to tell you that it's Crazy Tuesday and it's the same price for any size pizza."
Me: "Oh, Crazy Tuesday you say? So, if I order a large, it's the same price?"
Guy: "Yes."
Me: "Okay, I'll take a large then."
Guy: "Excellent, one large thin-crust pepperoni then."
Me: "Oh no, sorry - I just want regular crust."
Guy: "Oh, deepest apologies miss. I think I make this mistake because your voice reminds me of someone who likes to watch their figure. I think you are probably small size, right?"
Me: "Uhhh. Well, ummmmmm. Ahhhh, hmmmmm. Yes, I suppose I am."
Guy: "I can tell these things."
Me: "Umm, ok. Thanks? Uhh, well, I sure am looking forward to that pizza! How much is that again?"


I knew it was a disease

I got it from my friend Catherine. Now my cat has picked it up from me. Don't laugh. Internet addiction is a very serious affliction. It's only a matter of time before he's started his own blog.