Saturday, April 15, 2006

Those crazy kids...

Have you ever wondered what kind of shenanigans Jason and I get up on a Friday night at 1:00 am? No? Well, just in case some of you answered yes (weirdos), I'll show you. Yesterday, we bought ourselves a grill. (This information will be important later.) Last night, after returning from a 9:40 screening of An American Haunting with some friends of ours, we decided we couldn't go to bed right away. Mainly because we were scared out of our skin. So we began to watch American Idol and by the time that was over, we realized we were still too keyed up to sleep. I look away for like 3 seconds and when I turn around, Jason is climbing into the box that the grill came in.

I thought this looked like a lot of fun. So once he was out, I decided to try to fold my entire body into the box.

It worked!

I had a little trouble getting back out of the box.

Once I'd made it, I struck my Mary Katherine Gallagher "Superstaaaaaar" pose as a sign of victory. Over a box.

I wish I knew how to post videos because they are absolutely hilarious.

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Kim said...

Super Star!