Friday, May 05, 2006

Babies babies and more babies!

Ok, I'm starting slow with the updating because just when I thought I was getting better, I got worse. I officially have no voice from the coughing and I am ready to reach down my throat and physically rip out stuff.

I feel certain that Jason and I will be the very last of our circle of friends to have kiddies. It certainly ain't happening until we get back to the States... But, the good news is that, for the time being, we can live vicariously through the cuteness of others.

To that end, we visited the Falcones for a little grillin' and gamin'. Here is their little girl Steele. That child's eye's melt me.

However, I sincerely hope that Little Falcone doesn't take after her mommy who is a big ol' cheater at Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. A photo of the cheating and still losing team. That's a special kind of retarted when you cheat and still can't win the game.

Here is Dave playing our victory tune on a harmonica. Only the Falcones would have a harmonica laying around the living room. That's why we love them so.


Monique said...

HEY! I was a hockey cheerleader! But in high school, and we certainly did NOT wear hot pants, and I actually just loved the game & it was a good excuse to get to go to all their games & ride on the bus with the players!

Heather said...

Well well well! I stand corrected ;-)