Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I've been really lax about getting some photos from my sister-in-law's wedding a few weeks ago up on here. But here are some highlights...

This was the night we were putting together the programs, doing the seating, etc... We were all about ready to die at this point. Everything was either really annoying or really funny.

Next day, the bachelorette party starts with mani's, pedi's, and champagne at Tips 2 Toes.

The bachelorette party takes a pretty quick turn once the sun starts to set.

We've got ourselves a driver and we ain't afraid to use him.

We had our own private little room at this great Japanese restaurant Shaba-Shabu. Cheers!

Our hottie-tottie waiter checking out the chocolate body creme.

We are a classy bunch! Really though, it just ain't a bachelorette party without a blow job shot taken from between your sister's legs, right?

Apres massive sushi dinner and several bottles of wine. Starting to look a bit worse for the wear but all in all, not too bad, eh?

Yeah, well, when we got home we kept on drinking.

And kept on drinking.

And, you guessed it... Kept on drinking.

And if you guessed that we kept on drinking after that, then you'd be right!

And then we stopped! Just kidding. Yup, we kept on drinking.

And when we got to the "Ohmygawd, I jus luuuuv yous girlsss. We have the mostessst fun of anybody." stage, we decided we'd probably better stop drinking.

Mainly because we had to get up the next day for the bridesmaid brunch though.

Nice. Lookin' good there. I might or might not have still been a little bit drunk.

Then she had to go and make us all cry.

Then the big day was finally here.


And let the partying commence.

"And after the party it's the after-party." Those crazy Sanger siblings. "Do I have something in my teeth?"

And finally, the brideslaves get to rest. Just like Jesus on the seventh day. But with beer.


Monique said...

Ahhh great pics! I especially like the drunk dancing ones - priceless!

A Novelist said...

What fun pictures! You look like you had a great time and what a beautiful bride she made. :)