Friday, May 05, 2006

Hockey Y'all!

We also managed to squeeze in a Carolina Hurricanes game while we were in Raleigh. They're in the playoffs! Whoop whoop!

You might think that hockey is hockey no matter where you are. You are wrong. Only in Nawth Caralyna do hockey teams have cheerleaders. They're called the Storm Squad. And they dance and clap and shoot t-shirts into the stands between periods and dress in little semi-slutty low-rise lycra pants. (Check the jumbo-tron for a better view...)

You might also have pondered the advertising opportunities available on zambonis. Well, so did John Deere. And they beat you to it. So, if you wanted to make your hockey team a little more like Nascar, the idea has officially been taken.

Awwwww... My little Caniac.

And if you're curious about the outcome of the series, the Carolina Hurricanes beat the Montreal Candiens 4 games to 3 and have advanced to the next round of playoffs! Bring home the Cup boys! Yeeee-haw!

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