Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I was so not prepared for this

So, I'm taking a Painting and Drawing class and today the subject was human figure. Yup. You guessed it. A live model. A NUDE live model. Helll-lllloooo kitty. I can't imagine being so comfortable with nudity that I could lay around on a bunch of pillows and let people draw me for 2 and a half hours, all for about 25 quid. Power to her! And just to give me something to look forward to, next week she's coming back. And we're using pastels instead of charcoal. So I get to look at my color pallette and try to decide which one to choose for the rug (which, by the way, does NOT match the curtains). Yippie.


Beth said...

Good Lord that woman has got to be some kind of comfortable with herself!

Monique said...

Oh wow how bizarre - I can't imagine!
Hey - I wanted to warn your too - don't check today - right at the top of the page they give away who goes this week in AI - booo hoooo I didn't want to know:(


Hi Heather!

I read your article and couldn't help but giggle as I did. I work part time as a nude art model now and I LOVE it! I started last fall due to a dare by my roommate and now I have posed at the university about 25 times or 75 hours. It really is fun.

I saw where you from North Carolina. I am too.

Have a great day.