Friday, May 19, 2006

Landscape? Still life? Anything???

Dear art teacher,

Could we please move on from naked people? I'm not very good at drawing them. See there how the torso is way too long and one leg is way too skinny and one knee looks all wonky and one arm looks broken and I really can't do toes for the life of me and I never know quite what to do when I get to the bewbies. Couldn't you maybe set up a nice vase with flowers in it? I don't know. Anything really. Thanks.

Your student,

P.S. I know you probably want to choke me every time I walk into class but please be kind and try to remember that I had never even picked up a piece of charcoal or a pastel or drawn anything more than little daisies and hearts in the margin of my math notes and to do lists until the first class a few weeks ago.


andrea said...

Those are great Heather! I took art all through college and people were always my hardest to draw. Well people and fruit. It is tougher than it seems!

A Novelist said...

These are really good! I wish I could draw. I can't even draw a straight line. LOL. ;)

Catherine said...

After trying to think for a few minutes of something inspirational to say to you to make you feel better all I can muster is every time I look at those legs I laugh until I cry :-) Please bring that picture home and frame it. Please!

Heather said...

Finally - an honest reaction :) Thanks though girls :)

Jul said...

Come on, drawing live nude models is the best part of any art class! Have you noticed yet that all the guys in the class draw the bewbies way larger than they are on the actual model?

Heather said...

Ha! I don't have any boys in my class but I'm sure they would do just that if there were any :) My teacher told me I had a tendancy to draw "too skinny". What can I say? I guess I'm a product of the Olsen/Lohan/Richie culture!