Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A man, a guitar, and a few jerks

Last night we went to see Dave Matthews with some friends and he was so great. Just Dave (sitting on a stool), a guitar, and a microphone. We were glad to hear that his voice is coming back. There for a while, he was smoking waaaaay too much and it got so raspy. The last time we saw him in concert before this, we were really disapointed. But he's back! And better than ever. The only downside was a few drunk jerks who kept yelling out songs. Dave handled it pretty well though. He just kind of made fun of them and let it roll off his back. All in all, great show!


A Novelist said...

I love Dave Matthews! I can't wait until he comes to NYC again. Glad you had a good time. :)

Zac said...

I'll add "Live at Luther College" double CD to the list of things I have to burn for you still. You may even have it already - It's just Dave about 7 years ago, with Tim Reynolds playing accoustic guitars together. AWESOME.