Thursday, May 18, 2006

Today in a Nutshell: Good, Bad, and Weird

Good: I went to high tea at the Lanesborough Hotel with my friend Meghan today. It was sort of posh so we dressed up and got little sandwiches, scones, tea, and Tattinger champagne. Fun!

Bad: I did something so dumb today that I'm not even willing to admit it here. If you're dying to know, you can email me and if I like you enough, maybe I'll tell you. But maybe not. Because it was that dumb.

Weird: As I was walking to meet Meghan, some dudes walked past me and said something or other (which I can only assume was so clever and sweet, that if I had heard them, I would have stopped in my tracks and fallen in love on the spot) which I of course ignored completely. In retaliation, one of them shouted "Oh, go on then Posh Spice. Too good for the likes of us, are you then?" Umm, I'm sorry? Did you just refer to me as Posh Spice? As in Victoria Beckham? Well, young man! That is the oddest insult I've heard yet! Why did he yell this? I can only imagine it was becuase I was dressed up a bit as I was going to high tea. Complete with high heels, the infamous trench, and large sunglasses. Although, when I say it like that, it sounds more like Samantha dressed up in her Sophia Loren wig trying to catch Richard with another woman on his lunch break.

Gawd. What a day.


Beth said...

I so want to know what stupid thing you did.

Catherine said...

I want to know! e-mail me!