Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Why I like her

My friend Catherine and I have joked before about why we're friends in the first place. We disagree 99% of the time on which celebrities we think are hot. She hates my one of my favorite sports (baseball). I make fun of her music (Kenny Rogers Christmas CD??) and she makes fun of mine ("I don't get it. Is he singing about doing his laundry??" - In reference to Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz). She hates white wine (snob). She loves running and I think marathons are for crazy people on a suicide mission. She recently let her subscription to In Style magazine lapse and I refer to this publication as the Bible. You get the point. Here's why I love her so... We had a conversation while I was home about how much I am wanting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. And when I say I am wanting one, I mean I have seriously got the fever. So, when we got together for dinner a few nights later, she brought me a little pressie.

A little plush doggie in a handbag! And the bag is "Chuicy" brand (hee hee, like "Juicy"...get it?). It's to keep me company and tide me over till I get the real deal. She's such a peach!

We really aren't that shiny - that's a wicked flash!


A Novelist said...

It's funny, but I guess it's true what people say regarding "opposites attract."

I have a friend who is completely different from me - in fact we really don't have a lot in common. It seems that we disagree over everything. Still, we can talk for hours on the phone, on IM, or over brunch. Consider your friendship with your friend Catherine very special. :)

Catherine said...

Awwww, I'm all warm and fuzzy inside. And can I put a disclaimer that my face is ginormous and puffy due to being "with child" and not an overload of Oreos? :-)