Wednesday, June 28, 2006

And then there's this

If you all thought the whole "look-at-me-I'm-wearing-cat-beds-for-bedroom-slippers" thing was funny, you'll probably appreciate this as well. He did it this past weekend but I forgot about it until I went into my cabinet this morning for some pore minimizer. (Seriously, do those things sometimes open up over night and swallow up small children??)

First, a bit of background. There's this commercial on TV over here for toilet paper that totally skeeves me out (The commercial, not the toilet paper. The toilet paper is divine.) It features this toddler they've dressed up in a 3-piece suit and a combover. He appears to be running the toilet paper company and talks lots of business-y type talk but in this stupid creepy little kid voice with a British accent no less. Trust me when I tell you that it is totally wrong on every level. It's stupid, creepy, and the kid looks/sounds like a total freak. And please don't get me wrong. I love kids! Especially toddlers! But they should not be dressing up in suits and running toilet paper companies. They should be wearing little mini Ralph Lauren Polo shirts and little Baby Gap chino shorts and playing on playgrounds and stuff. Am I right??? AM I???

So, imagine my horror when they started putting this kid's picture on the actual packages of toilet paper. Yet I refuse to switch brands because, people, this toilet paper is the best on the market over here. And I'm not one to skimp on comfort in that area. So I'll tolerate that creepy kid on the package until this ridiculous marketing campaign is over. But THIS, friends, is flat out inexcusable:

I literally yelled when I opened my cabinet Saturday morning. Meanwhile, I hear Jason in the living room laughing like he'd just pulled off the most elaborate prank of all time. The laugh of pure evil I tell you.


City Slicker said...

Great glad you liked Cityslicker
Your boyfriend sounds ace, does he have a brother?

Kim said...

I actually love that ad. Funny prank, 2 points Jason - 0 Heather. You need to catch up!

A Novelist said...

OMG - your husband sounds just like my boyfriend, John. They would get along great together! That is hysterical!

Yeah...that baby kinda creeps me out too. :)

Beth said...

That ad cracks me up. It's much better than when the rest of the factory starts jumping into toilet paper mountains just for the fun of it!

Monique said...

OMG that is SO funny!
I know that commercial - too funny!
That is one creatively evil husband you have! ha ha