Friday, June 30, 2006

Blogging vicariously

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Hmm, this is easy blogging. Maybe whenever I hang out with a fellow blogger, I'll just wait for them to post about it and then link to it! (Thanks Andrea!)

Not much else to report... Last minute decision to head to Oxford tonight so I've booked us up at a swanky hotel which is always fun. Jason is doing some boy thing there with his mates (I'm so British. People are now my mates, not my friends.) that involves some sort of gun lesson and they shoot clay pigeons (or skeets - whatever you want to call them...). Great. A widow at 29. Just what I wanted. However, while he is busy injuring/killing himself or someone else, I'll loll about Oxford on my own. It's a cute little town so shouldn't have much trouble keeping myself amused.


Monique said...

Have a great time!

andrea said...

Go punting! Get Jason to take an hour and take you punting, you will love it, so relaxing! Have a great time - what hotel are you staying at?

Heather said...

I think it's called The Randolph... Seems nice!