Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I saw this license plate once on the highway in NC and loved it. Busy Busy Girl - how appropriate! I have so much to do today (and tomorrow for that matter) so I don't know why I'm still sitting at the kitchen table eating an apple with the laptop open. However, I'm not telling all the things I have on my little pink Smythson's day minder that are making my days so hectic because you'd all laugh and say snarky things. I will share this litte tidbit though as I'm too excited about it to keep my mouth shut. I'm going to Verona, Italy on Thursday! Jason's going for work and we decided I'd come and we'd stay the weekend. Any excuse to use the bits and pieces of Italian that I know... Ciao!

Ok, after some thought, I decided I'd just lay it all out and let everyone make fun.

To Do:
Buy guide book for Verona
Pick up drycleaning
Print itninerary
Drop off clothes at charity shop
Compile info researched for Microloan Foundation charity walk meeting tomorrow night
Buy A3 or A2 sketch pad and pastel/charcoal pencils for art class tomorrow (meeting at V&A Museum)
Grocery store
Empty dishwasher
Change cat boxes
Double check that Kitchen Confidential will record on Sky box while we're away

11:30 - Meet Andrea for lunch followed by 12:45 viewing of "Prime" with the AWC Flicks for Chicks group
7:30 - Meet Monique and Murray for dinner followed by 9:00 6/6/06 screening of "The Omen"


Beth said...

Prime is hilarious! Good to see your AWC is still going strong, ours tends to just end for the year in June. Kind of leaves me hanging! Have fun!!

A Novelist said...

Oh...I noticed on your sidebar that you're reading "Lipstick Jungle!" I had recently just finshed that book and it's very good. My boyfriend's mother like it as well. Hope you enjoy it.

Also, when John and I go away, we're double and triple checking TiVO making sure our favorite programs are recording. Have a great time in Verona!

Arrivederci. :)