Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So much to blog, so little time...

I have been busy-us major-icus this week. (That's Latin for majorly busy...) If I were a dinosaur, I'd be the Busyasaurus. If I were a President, I'd be... um... well, whichever one was the busiest. Probably like Clinton or something. I have two specific things to write about though:

1. My Ascot hat shopping experience
2. The trip to Verona

I'll get right on that tonight as I'll need something to keep me awake till the Carolina Hurricanes game starts at 1:00am. Yes, I will be up till roughly 4:00-4:30 am watching hockey. This is huge though. We're up 3 games to 1 and back at Carolina. Only one more win needed to clinch the Stanley Cup! Fingers and toes crossed!

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