Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tagged again

I've been tagged again... this time by A Novelist (link to her blog in my sidebar)

5 items in my fridge
Diet Coke
Evian water
Old pizza
Ranch dressing (thanks again Melanie!)

5 items in my closet
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Seven for All Mankind jeans
Mossimo (by Target) wedges circa summer 2005
T-shirt reading "Brunette is the New Blonde"
Long black hippie skirt from a London street market

5 items in my car
I don't have a car anymore! God it feels good to say that!

5 items in my purse
Mobile phone
iPod Mini
digital camera
Rosebud Salve lipgloss


Sara said...

yay sex and the city!

i totally feel the need to meet you guys, if you ever feel like a trip to Geneva (i hear your favorite budget airline flies here from London), let me know, we would love to have you come visit :)

(shastings47 @

Heather said...

Hey Sara! I just emailed you :)

A Novelist said...

I LOVE Rosebud Salve lipgloss... :)

Muz said...

This won't be the right spot to ask questions I'm sure - but anyway - I noticed your LL being an old school fan of The Breakthrough etc I always thought it was = Ladies Love Cool James??? Where's this white boy name come from? Mr Smith ?

Heather said...

Muz - Todd Smith is his birth name. He's recently launched a clothing line under that name and I believe he's always credited as Todd Smith when he's in movies. Fun fact for the day :)