Monday, June 12, 2006

Well, I wanted warm weather in London and I got it! What I failed to recall is that when I was here last summer, I was holed up at the lovely Marriott Kensington, which comes furnished with air conditioning. Flats in the city, decidedly, do not. It is so warm in the flat that I'm leaving for the day to go sit in the very-air conditioned Costa coffee down the street. How much do I love that when I walk in, the very lovely girl behind the counter calls out "Medio skinny latte for the lady!" I'll now have her add "iced" to that beverage order.

Verona pictures coming soon. I'll upload them tonight when it's dark and the sun isn't beating through the floor-to-ceiling 8 foot high window.


A Novelist said...

I would love some of your warm's back to fall here in NY. LOL.

Hope you had a great time in Verona. Can't wait to see the pics. :)

andrea said...

Really? The heat is just wrong. Us Southern girls need A/C!!

Beth said...

I don't mind the hot weather, and I don't even mind not having AC, but for goodness sake SOMEONE should be selling fans!