Sunday, July 16, 2006

30 hours with the love of my life

As many of you know, Jason has unfortunately had quite a bit of travel as of late. He arrived home Saturday morning from NC and left at 3:00 today to go to Poland for a couple of days. In the 30 hours we had together, we managed to cram in quite a lot of "together time". Mostly involving cramming our faces now that I think about it. When he arrived yesterday morning, I had prepared a pancake breakfast to welcome him home. After lying about for a while watching the Red Sox game and digesting the carb-fest, we headed to Starbucks for some icy cold delicious coffee bevvies, then sauntered down the King's Road in Chelsea to have some beers and snacks at this great pub garden Meghan and I discovered last week, then much later, sauntered back up the King's Road, stopping at Jim Thompson's for some prawn crackers and more beers. By then, of course it was time for dinner so we grilled out at home making beef filet and grilled eggplant. After dinner, we piled down on the couch and watched Harvey. Old movies make me feel so cozy. After a good lie-in this morning, we walked across the street to Zinc for some al-fresco brunch and then to Starbucks for more icy cold deliciousness.

30 hours by the numbers:
Trips to Starbucks - 2
Restaurants visited - 3
Meals eaten at home - 2
Meals eaten outside - 3
Beers consumed - 5
Bottles of wine consumed - 1
Bloody Marys consumed - 2
Newspapers purchased - 2
Hours spent sleeping - 12
Movies watched - 1
Red Sox games watched - 1

All in all, not a bad 30 hours.


Beth said...

Yay, I knew you'd find new stuff while Jason was away! ;)

Anonymous said...

You are making me hungry
Off to Tesco's now...
City Slicker

Catherine said...

Except that adds up to 34 hours. Fishy.

Heather said...

What in the hell are you talking about C? I didn't even say what time he arrived on Saturday so how you know Miss Smarty Pants?

Monique said...

ahhhhh that sounds like a fun 30 hours!

andrea said...

I am impressed you made pancakes - good thing you hit up Partridge's before Jason got back!

A Novelist said...

That's sweet - at least you're trying to spend time together between his business trips. :)

Beth N said...

Did you go the Henry Bean's on Kings Road? We just found that place... fantastic garden and American-style burgers. Mmmmm

Heather said...

That's the one Beth!

Heart Of Darkness said...

Good job, all that in 30 hours! Felt stressed out afterwards? :) But I bet it was all worth it.

Love your blog BTW!

Melanie said...

So I have stopped to check out the blog twice today...wanted to comment the first time around, but I had to go to the stupid company wide meeting. I bet you miss those...yeah right. Anyway, I wish I could just spend 30 hours with Jason :). Hahaha!!! Do you miss me or what (and you know what I really wanted to write instead of 'what', but I knew it was not appropriate :).

Heather said...

Heart of Darkeness - Thanks :)

Smell - You're more than welcome to spend 30 hours with Jason. I'll arrange it :) And I do miss you! (Twat did you say?)