Monday, July 03, 2006

I'm over it.

Screw this. I was trying to be a good stay-at-home-wife and clean the flat top to bottom today but I'm about to sweat to death or pass out. I can't tell which anymore. I can't handle this. I'm going to Starbucks and sit in the air conditioning. Icy cold lattes and F. Scott Fitzgerald are calling my name. Whoever decided this country didn't need A/C in homes was a complete moron.


The very nice man said...

Hey, Heather,
tripped over your blog and found it fun-bloggy-tastic!
Like your style of saying it just how it is! Finally someone on my wave length!! Will check daily for my dose of giggles. Will add your blog to mine if you don't object!
Cheers a bunch!

andrea said...

i like the 'cave' effect personally - keep the curtains closed and try not to move too much!

the no a/c keeps rearing its ugly head doesn't it? i hate it with you!

A Novelist said...

So far, I think it's been an unusually hot summer this year...very humid! Stay cool! :)