Friday, July 07, 2006

Wimble-DON? Oh no... Wimble-FUN!

Ok, at first, our Wimbledon experience wasn't off to the best of starts. First of all, it took longer than we expected to even get through the entry process and then it had also begun to rain. Not a downpour by any means but one of those lovely light drizzling rains that seems to say, "Hey, you and I? Let's make friends and get comfy because I'm going to be hanging around for a good while." Awesome. Thankfully, things started to look up (if only the tiniest bit) when we realized that our seats were under the covered area. So at least we were able to wait out the rain delay in relative comfort and dryness.

Here is a shot of our lovely view of the hidden court.

However, things really started to look up when the sun started to peek out and we caught sight of the grounds crew coming out to take the tarp off the court! Wheeeee! Everyone took to their feet and cheered for we were finally about to see some tennis!

This is the Royal Box. We were curious if anyone famous was in it so I took a photo and decided I could zoom in on it once I got it on the computer.

So here's a closer look...

Closer you say? Well, I'll be! Isn't that Charles and Camilla in the front row? And isn't that Prince William sitting behind them?

Let's make sure... Yup! It sure is!

Okay, maybe that's just the back of William's head, but I (and any blue-blooded Brit) will tell you that there's no mistaking that head of luscious wavy blond-y brown-ish locks.

Here's what I loved so much about the event. All the pomp and circumstance. Everything about it was so "done". Even the line judges uniforms. They were by Ralph Lauren and just so very proper. Notice even the matching navy blazers, trimmed in cream to match the trousers, hanging on the chairs behind them... Loved it.

Finally, Federer (the 2005 Wimbledon champ) and Bjorkman take to the green.

Even though Federer dominated, it was still fun to watch. He was amazing.

Shake hands and make nice.

Ok, time for a break. And what kind of break is the favored break of my little clique? A champagne break of course. And they even give you this nifty little box filled with ice to keep it chilled. How clever! And classy!

But there was one minor problem with the champagne. We weren't allowed to bring the glass bottle back to our seats. Does anyone smell a funny story coming on yet? Yes, you say? I can tell you've been a devoted reader for some time now then.

Well, we didn't want to miss too much of the Nadal/Baghdatis match so I came up with this genius plan to pour out the contents of my water bottle (water? meh.. who needs it anyway?) and fill it with the remaining contents of the champagne bottle so we could take it back to our seats and refill our plastic flutes at our leisure.

So, there we are... Enjoying the match and there was a break in play. During this break, I decided to refill our glasses and the second I even loosened the bottle cap the tiniest bit of a fraction of a millimeter.... POP! ZIP! PING! WHAM! Yes, that's right. The cap exploded off the bottle, flew into the air, zinged the metal rafters above us, and dropped with a thud somewhere in the stands. Every. Single. Head. In. The. Vaguely. Immediate. Area. Turned. To. Look. And. Or. Laugh. At. Us.

I can only thank god that I had the sense to wait until it was a break in play. The only way it could have been worse would be if it had happened in the quieted hush of the volley. Afterwards, we could not stop laughing to save our souls.

Here's a photo of the genius plan being put into action. I blame Meghan. She should have known better than to listen to me.

I guess when you're as smokin' hot as Nadal, you can't help but sweat a lot.

And the grunting? Oh my god the grunting. I can comment no further as I am a married woman. But oh my god the grunting...

Ok! That's it! Shirts off! Both of you! "Ok Nadal, I'm going to have to ask you to play the remainder of the match shirtless. Yes, it's ummm Rule Number ahhh, 529er7 or something like that. If the circumference of your bicep is greater to or equal than the circumference of my head, then shirts off it is, I'm afraid."

Nadal wins! It was such a great match with some really close calls and amazing volleys. I'm a tennis addict now I think!

Here's a shot of us. Wow. I look so pretty there. My nostrils are of such a lovely shape and my bangs look as though they may have been flattened against the side of my forehead with a shovel.

Jason thought I looked so cute in my preppy little get up that he had to take my picture when I got home.

Ok, I obviously didn't take these photos but can I just say that we're about to have the hottest men's finals on record. Look at these two - Smokin' McHottypants and Sexy VonDreamboat.

That's all I've got. Peace out. I'm Wimble-DONE.


Janet said...

REALLY great story...and photos! I especially enjoyed the champagne-in-the-water-bottle story. Sounds like something I would have done!

I found your blog through a link on a link of a friend of a friend's blog. Sorry, that sounds rather confusing.

Anyway, I'm also an American expat in the UK. I came from Houston to Oxfordfordshire 3-1/2 years ago.

I'm setting up some new links on my own blog, Lord Celery, to other American expat blogs and will add you, unless you have an objection.

I'll check back from time to time to see what you're up to.

Again, I love the Wimbledon entry!

Take care...



Monique said...

FANTASTIC photos!!!!
That's so funny that you put champagne in water bottles!
Glad you had a good time:)

mckay said...

sneaking in're my kinda gal ;-)