Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back in the Lon-to-the-dizzle

After roughly 15,000 security checks and a close brush with TSA over my favorite lip gloss (which now sadly lies to rest for all eternity in a rubbish bin at RDU airport), I'm back safe and sound. Here's a list of all the things I've done so far:

Consume Poptart and latte
Unpack 1/4 of suitcase
Chew gum to try to stay awake
Unpack another 1/4 of suitcase
Watch TIVO'd Britian's Next Top Model
Unpack another 1/4 of suitcase
Chew more gum to try to stay awake
Watch 1/2 episode of Tiara Girls on MTV
Wake up in a daze surrounded by gum wrappers and coffee grounds
Go to dinner with Jason

So, as you can see, I've been very busy. I'm currently on my third cup of coffee and planning to partake in some actual productive activities today. Wish me luck. And another pack of gum.


As of 3:00 pm, I am still cleaning our flat. I am never, I repeat NEVER, leaving Jason here alone for more than a few hours at a time again. I really appreciate the fact that he thought he had cleaned up the joint before I got here. Unfortunately, to him, cleaning is basically making sure his clothes aren't all over the floor and that the dirty dishes in the sink don't pile up past the top of the sink (so you can't see that there are dirty dishes in it from across the room). Visual evidence:

The overflowing laundry basket.

The pile of cat hair/dust bunnies that I've collected from the bedroom floor and hall rug alone. I should have put something in the picture for scale because it looks way smaller here than in real life.

The pebbles of cat litter I found on the floor when I moved the coffee table.

Apparently, he also got into a fight with my razors which I found in pieces on the side of the tub.


andrea said...

Welcome back to London! I am sure you are happy to be back, and the boys are happy to see you :) Is the weather still cool there? Enjoy it, as I am fairly certain that when I get back to town in September I will bring the heat with me. I seem to have some sort of magnetic force field that makes it follow me!

Beth said...

Welcome home, glad you made it safe and sound. Can't believe the size of that dust bunny!

Monique said...

ha ha ha
welcome back!
I feel your pain - well, at least he tried:)

OMG I see you saw the devil wears prada - I can NOT wait until that comes out over here! AHHHHHHHHHH

Bil With One L said...

That dust bunny is serious! I'm sneezing just looking at it...

Bil With One L said...

A hypothesis has just occurred to me based on the following facts:

1. There's an abnormal amount of cat hair on the floor...
2. There's stray cat litter pebbles strewn about...
3. Your razor has been tweaked...

Have you asked Jason if he tried to shave the cats while you were gone?