Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bowling for Heather*

*Please note that the event was named by someone else and that my friend Melanie thought it sounded like I had some terminal disease and they were bowling to raise money for my treatment. I told them that if they could pony up the cash, I was sure I could come up with a condition.

During my visit back to Raleigh, I was lucky enough to be treated to an evening of drinking beer. In a bowling alley. And I think we bowled a little too. It was really nice to be back in my element as this was one of my favorite activities as can be evidenced here and here.

Pfahlert and Brent discussing their balls.

Quite possibly the most unflattering picture angle EVER.

I have no words for this.

Now that's hardcore.

Well done Chuck!

Say hello to my little Pfahlert.

These are my special friends. They ride the little bus.

Now THAT'S form people.

What? WHAT?!

I'm scared for my life. Seriously, this will give me nightmares for a month at least.

I got a spare! See my spirit fingers??

They forgot their medication. And helmets.

As representatives of my home country, my ex-coworkers presented me with this gift of appreciation in return for coming home for a visit. It's a Barbie teacup. From the vending machine. At the bowling alley. You can tell that this is a plan that was masterfully crafted many days in advance.


Monique said...

OMG Spirit Fingers - too funny!
We finally watched that dvd you borrowed us of Will Farrel's best of SNL.
The perfect cheer & all that.
SO SO funny, I must remember to give that back to you on Friday!
Looking forward to seeing you & catching up!!!!!

Melanie said...

I am so upset that I missed out on the bowling!!! But at least I did not miss out on Lilly's Pizza and an extremely WEIRD dude who thought that since he bought us a round that he could sit down at our table and chat. UUGGHH. God it is so tough to be this pretty...

Bil With One L said...

EX-COWORKERS? I thought we were your friends...

Glad to hear your back safely. We had a blast.

Take care.