Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Holy hot!

But at least I have air-con to escape to... The heat index is supposed to be 110 degrees today!!! Thank goodness for malls and their massive cooling systems. I've even been tricked into buying some fall clothes because it's so cold in Banana Republic and J. Crew.

In other news, we've been keeping busy trying to make the rounds and see everyone. Unfortunately, we had to pull out of a dinner last night because I randomly came down with a 102 degree fever. It was so bizarre... I felt absolutely fine and out of nowhere, my head started pounding, I felt light-headed, and started getting alternately sweats and then chills. I woke up this morning and felt totally fine again. But, otherwise, we have managed to spend loads of time with our nieces and we went to a Durham Bulls game on Monday night.

It was pretty funny because two of the people we went with knew nothing about baseball (a Brit and a South African). We had a really good time though, despite the humidity.

They were especially amused by the big bull in the outfield. If you can't read that it says "Hit bull, win steak. Hit grass, win salad."


Melanie said...

I am glad you're here and that we got to do lunch yesterday! And hopefully we can get together for Sunday Funday!

A Novelist said...

Ouch - 102 temp. I hope you're feeling better.

Heather said...

I'm all over Sunday Funday!!

Thanks, I'm feeling totally fine and back to normal today!

Janet said...


I can certainly tell you've lived in the UK for awhile. You used the term "air-con" rather than the American "a/c"! Funny thing is, that I'm starting to say air-con too!



The very nice man said...

America seems such a huge place and I am dying to check it out so if you could arrange for the Lottery numbers to agree with mine I will be off like a shot!
What in the world brought you to the tiny island of England??