Sunday, August 13, 2006


Here they are - the long awaited Salsa Night pictures!

The "Sanger-ia"... Get it? Har har.

Me and Julio (his Salsa Night name)

Me mauling my mini key lime pie

A little chair dancing never hurt anyone.

Ain't no party like a back porch party.

The sombrero makes its first appearance.

You just know this is going to get good.

Whoever was taking their turn at the pinata had to wear the sombrero and mask.

They turned her completely the wrong direction. Mean? Maybe. But pretty freaking funny nonetheless.

Jason didn't do a very good job of pulling the pinata away because Ryan busted it on his like 3rd swing. (Jason's behind the tree holding the rope.)

So we let Jenny suit up and take some swings at the pinata head on top of Ryan. Just kidding. We just thought it would be funny to stage these pictures.

There were about a billion pieces of Super Bubble in the pinata and he chewed about half of them to create this mass of gum.

And I pretended to jump it like it was jump rope.

And finally, me being very intrigued by my party favor. Give me a break. It was the end of the night.

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Monique said...

looks like a lot of fun!