Monday, August 21, 2006

You Can't Always Get What You Want. But last night I did.

Ok. Life's checklist:

See Rolling Stones live in London.


Umm, ok, so like... WOW. As gripping as that commentary is, I'll now try to use actual words that consist of more than four letters to describe last night. Some observations:

1. Mick Jagger has more energy than my 3 year old niece.
Ok, for realsies y'all - I have never seen a man prance, dance, wriggle, writhe, run around, and essentially command a huge stage like that. I've seen it on tv before but it really was an amazing experience to watch that in person. I could hardly take my eyes off him. So. freaking. cool.

2. Keith Richards can shred a guitar like a champ but he should not ever sing. Ever.
I guess Mick's vocal cords deserved a little break halfway through the show because Keith stepped up and sang a couple of songs. God love him. He's an icon and all but... DAMN! Time has not been kind to his voice.

3. Old people who are not rock stars dance funny.
The crowd was split roughly 50/50 - old people and young people. Old people dance funny.

4. A live performance of the song "Ruby Tuesday" can make a 29 year old otherwise perfectly normal (ok, that's up for debate) girl become a little bit moist in the eye area.
That's my absolute favorite Stones song. And I don't have to justify myself to you internets people. So there.

5. Mick Jagger has A LOT of sparkly clothes.
He literally wore something different for every song. Sometimes it just meant removing a sparkly jacket to reveal a sparkly short sleeve shirt or trading one sparkly jacket for another or adding a sparkly hat but there were some full-on costume changes in there. Keith and Ron also changed once or twice but good old Charlie Watts wore a basic white t-shirt the entire time. That's the essential difference between drummers and lead singers in a nutshell people. (The one exception to this rule is Fred LeBlanc of Cowboy Mouth and those who know this band will know what I'm talking about here.)

6. A stage that all the sudden breaks off and begins moving out into the crowd on a platform in the middle of the ground seats will make people go crazy.
It was pretty awesome. They performed a few songs out on it too as opposed to just taking it for a spin and then going right back to the big stage. Noteably, "Get Off Of My Cloud" and "Honkey Tonk Women". My face was sufficiently rocked off.

7. The opening licks to "Sympathy For The Devil" will make people go even crazier.
Definitely another of my favorite Stones songs. And about a billion people going "Whoo whooo, whoo whooo" all at the same time was pretty flippin' sweet.

8. "Brown Sugar" will make a lot of very white women dance like they think they are, in fact, Brown Sugar.
And I will point and laugh at them.

Now, for some photos. And this is a bit of a sore spot because it said on the brochure that they send with the tickets that "Absolutely NO cameras allowed. They will be confiscated at the entrance." Silly me, I thought that meant that you couldn't bring cameras. And I didn't want to risk our rather expensive little Canon getting taken from us so I didn't bring it. Jason's camera phone takes the worst photos of all time. 3 megapixels, you say Samsung? I call bullshit. But anyway, here are some pics nonetheless...

That's Mick there on the big screen.

The tongue motif runneth rampant.

Aren't we clever? I'm sure no one else thought to take a photo like this.

This was when the stage came out to the middle. It's where the big patch of light is. Also, kindly notice the huge blow up tongue back on the big stage.

This is all the energy I could muster at 2:00 am last night. I am pretty excited about my totally awesome t-shirt though. It was definitely the coolest one they were selling. What Baby wants, Baby gets.

Click here if you're interested in The Guardian's review of the show.

Final thoughts? Worth every single one of the £200 we paid for the tickets.


Beth said...

I love Ruby Tuesday! And I love Mick Jagger. Even old, there's just something about that skinny swagger of his...

The very nice man said...

So . . the Strolling Bones, huh??
Are you guys ever standing still?? I am exhausted just reading about all your excusions!
Good shout, though!!
Puts my September gig with Manfred Mann's Earth Band into last place, I guess!

Monica said...

I am mad jealous.

A Novelist said...

Cool - The Stones are classic! Glad you had a great time at the show. :)