Thursday, September 07, 2006

Apparently, the road to spiritual enlightenment is paved with sore muscles

Oh so much to discuss so this post will be a mish-mosh of a bunch of random things.

Firstly, I attended my first ever yoga class yesterday. I never thought of yoga as a real "workout" so-to-speak because I couldn't imagine how slowly stretching your limbs while laying or standing on a mat could actually burn calories or tone muscles. Ummm, I couldn't have been more wrong. I actually ended up sweating as much as I do when I do hard-core cardio. And although it was a hard (but great) workout, I felt amazing afterwards. Almost euphoric. I couldn't stop smiling and my arms and legs felt so relaxed. I can't wait to see how much my flexibility increases over the course of the class. On the other hand, I nearly collapsed when my feet hit the floor this morning. Overnight, I guess everything tightened back up and my leg muscles were wicked sore. Oh well...a small price to pay for inner peace, I reckon.

Secondly, last night we went with Monique and Murray to a taping of The Charlotte Church Show. Most Americans would remember her as "that young British girl with the amazing voice who sings classical music" from about six years ago maybe? Well, she's shaken the classical thing and is a big pop star here. New and improved! Comes with her own talk show! It was a lot of fun even though it went pretty late... The guests were Ruby Wax (who Americans probably don't know at all), Patsy Kensit (who is most famous in America for being married to Liam Gallagher from Oasis back in the late 90's), and a band called Orson (who I don't think has hit America yet because I couldn't find them on iTunes) who performed their single No Tomorrow which is a great song. Quite honestly though, the best bits of the show were between takes and set-ups because there was a comedian to keep the audience "warm" during the breaks in the action. He was absolutely hilarious and we were actually crying laughing during the bit about his pet duck Shaniqua. The episode airs Friday night at 10:00 on Channel 4. I'm going to record it and see if we're on camera! I snuck this photo during one of the breaks...

Lastly, I became rather disturbed this morning while Jason and I were having our post-workout coffee at Starbucks. I'm used to seeing some really strange fashion in London. Some people who are trying to achieve a certain look...and others just don't know any better, bless their hearts. Well, in walked an otherwise impeccably dressed woman but as she passed by me, I noticed she was wearing a...wait for velvet SCRUNCHIE. In public. Not ironically. As part of her very sharp, well-cut women's suit ensemble. Horror of horrors. It calls to mind the Sex and the City episode "Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little" where Carrie and Berger argue about whether any self-respecting New York woman would wear a scrunchie outside her apartment. I think this applies to women in cities all over the world. Consider this a Public Service Announcement, women of the world. This message is sponsored by me in corporation with my Sex and the City addiction.


Monique said...

ha ha - yes I remember that sex & the city episode
WOW I can't believe anyone has scrunchies anymore - mine went in the bin YEARS ago!

Anyhow, just wanted to say great picture! So glad you guys could come, was a fun night & nice to see you & catch up:)

andrea said...

Ah the scrunchie. I sadly had many, and would often wear them on my wrist. This, however, was 1989 and acceptable!

I am glad you guys finally got in to the show, it had to have been better than the Christian O'Conell one, right?

Beth said...

Yay for yoga! Now go get the grinnning skulls yoga top because you are probably the only person who could pull that off. ;)