Monday, September 25, 2006

A cat with discriminating tastes

What did we learn recently? That our kitty cat George LOVES roquefort cheese. In case you aren't a foodie or aren't married to a foodie, here's a definition of roquefort from

[ROHK-fuhrt] - A trademark for a soft cheese made from sheep's milk and ripened in caves near Roquefort, France. also proclaims it to be the king of cheeses and even says that it has been enjoyed since Roman times and was a favorite of Charlemagne.

Next thing we know, he'll be requesting a 1993 Opus One in his water bowl and Chopin on the iPod dock.


Beth said...

I saw Trust the Man and I had the same reaction - some great lines, and I did laugh outloud - but just "good." I keep telling people to wait for the DVD and then they might think it is great!

A Novelist said...

That is so cute. Your cat has great taste! :)