Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tag! I'm it!

I've been tagged again by tagger extroidanaire, A Novelist. Here goes!

Inside my purse:

Prada sunglasses and case
Smythson's 2006/2007 diary
Smythson's A-Z (every real Londoner carries around an A-Z street index but only the silly girly Londoners carry pink leather ones)
PaperChase small-ish leather note book
Packet of Sniffs (super cute tissues)
Pink Nokia mobile
Stila powder compact
Pen bearing the logo of S&R Communications Group (my old job)
Boots cuticle oil
Clinique black honey lipstain
Starbucks gum tin containing Dentyne Tango gum
A random hair clippie
A random pony-tail holder
Black Coach wallet
Discount coupon for the movie theatre
Book - Watermelon by Marian Keyes
Keys on my "h" keychain
Emilio Pucci card holder containing my gym card, Oyster card (for tube and buses), Boots points card, and Blockbuster card
A photocopied map of Fulham for use in showing estate agents EXACTLY where we're willing to move
Movie ticket to You, Me, and Dupree

Inside my wallet:

£7.22 in coin
Debit card
Drycleaner ticket
Nando's stamp card

You may be asking yourself how in the name of God I fit all that stuff in a regular old Coach Soho hobo bag. Here's proof. I'm an expert packer.


Beth said...

Did you see the Smythson's 2007 deal in the back of this month's InStyle? I'm wondering if Her Majesty will allow it through customs so that I too may have the goodies?! Oh, and they'd definitely all be pink!

Melanie said...

Thank God for the are such a life saver...

Heather said...

Mel - I pretty much carry them for you and Jason. I don't know if I've ever actually taken one myself!

Beth - No I most certainly did not! Is it still on the newstands I wonder? I'm going to pop down to Waitrose and check it out...

A Novelist said...

I have that same Starbucks gum at my desk at work! :)

Hey, I can post again. Woo Hoo.

Beth said...

False alarm. It was Aspinal.

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