Friday, September 22, 2006

The whos? The Hoobs.

At the gym this morning, I got on an elliptical in a different area than normal ('Cause some skank was on my regular one. Don't she know?) and was therefore subjected to a different TV screen than normal. Even though I listen to my iPod, I'm generally looking at the TVs because, let's face it, what else is there to look at at 6:00 am? I was chugging along and all the sudden these muppet-like creatures pop up on the screen with what appear to be two stainless steel mixing bowls hinged together for heads and two ping-pong balls for eyes. Now I can only assume they were part of some music segment on the show because they were doing all these crazy early 90's dances like the running man and the cabbage patch. I think I now know who to blame for the ridiculous London fashion trend where virtually grown women dress like 80's/90's club rats. Stupid off-the-shoulder tees down to their knees strapped at the hips with glittery belts. Positively wretched gold sequin stretchy headbands with matching gold sequin sneakers in broad daylight. Heinous neon stretchy mini skirts with leggings. (Related topic: Check out my updated "I'm Wearing" section in the sidebar) The Hoobs. Blast you. This was a bit much to take in at 6:00 am.

From the website:

sassy, sparky, musical creatures
operate the engine of the Hoobmobile
keep the engine room clean and polished
enjoy playing on all the instruments
love singing most of all
can sing in any style from reggae to close harmony
punctuate the Hoobs' questions with their own responses
sing to help the Hoobs when they are thinking
spring to life when the ignition key is turned
Tootle blows
Twang strums
Timp bangs
the Hoobmobile is in action!

Hell yeah Tootle blows.


Beth said...

And do you still have what I consider the "hairstylist chic mullet?" Every hairdresser in this city sports a straight, choppy mullet that they SWEAR is not a mullet. It couldn't be more of a mullet if Billy Ray himself was sporting it! However, they all seem to think that because they stick a red patent leather headband on with it, its all incredibly trendy!

andrea said...

I am so so with you on this. I saw someone yesterday walking with a short ripped mini, leggings that came to below her knees, and hot pink, no sorry, fluorescent pink, sandals. A color I have not seen since 1989, I swear!

Heather said...

Beth - OMG yes. It drives me nuts. Jason and I refer to it as a euro-mullett.

Andrea - I'm sorry for the loss of your eyesight as I'm sure your retinas were completely burned out by witnessing this walking travesty. I knew I could count on you to join my crusade against this trend. I'm officially waging war.

Sara said...

yeah, i actually got a mullet at my last haircut! i had to go back the next day to have it removed, it was scary, luckily it was only the back and the haircut was rescued and restored to the "audrey hepbrun" (or i like to tell myself) style short cut with bangs i was going for.

im knitting myself a grey cabled sweater vest for winter, preppy chic rules!

Monique said...

die 80's eurotrash
ha ha ha ha

Kim said...

I just got my first hair cut over here the DIDN'T turn into a Mullet!!!