Monday, October 09, 2006

Bake the Fajita!

Ole! Last night, Jason and I went to see the Gipsy Kings at Royal Albert Hall and it was so bueno! Depsite the fact that neither of us is even remotely fluent in Spanish (depsite my correct useage of the words "fajita", "ole" and "bueno") we immensely enjoyed ourselves. Also, despite the language barrier, we did understand when they asked us "¿Como estas?" and when they bid us "¡Buenos noches!" and we're also pretty sure the chorus of one song repeatedly said "bake the fajita! bake the fajita!" but who can really be sure? I mean, one doesn't really bake fajitas, do they? We bake enchiladas but they certainly weren't singing "bake the enchiladas!", of that I'm positive. Whatever. I say fajita. You say enchilada. Let's call the whole thing off.

It was pretty cool that a band of 6 members also had a backup band. Jason and I decided that when they all got together, they couldn't agree on who got to play lead guitar. So they said "Hey, we'll ALL play lead guitar and get a back up band of 4 more dudes for percussion and bass." Or however one might say that in Spanish.

We had an absolute blast watching REALLY white people try to dance latino-style and they really brought the house down at the end with our three favorite songs - Djobi Djoba, Baila Me, and Volare. They even invited some of the people in the front up on stage to dance for the last couple of numbers...

Here's Jason bartending in our box.

During the interval.

Waiting for our train home. We were a little wound up and kept singing "Bake the fajita!" and making up additional lyrics like "So you can-a eat-a! But just don't burn it! Take it out of the oven! When the cheese melts and bubbles!"

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